LIME - Responsibility in action


LIME company is specialized in jeans and textiles manufacturing. We have developed a strong set up in development and production due to our know how and experience on the market. 

We are partners in operating our own laundry facility and working together with the best denim & textile makers in Turkey. Our company can handle all kind of productions in high-end and medium quality for big and smaller quantities, and we do not comprimize the price. 


We are doing denim jeans in conventional and organic fabrics. Furthermore we are producing generel wowen fashion for mens and ladies. We have a department for jersey, shirts and flatknit as well. Our capacity are high enough to match all kind of inquiries.


In the gallery you can find pictures of our garments  - to make it more visual...


Our showroom is located in Istanbul and we are always ready to meet you at the location of your company or at our office.

A visit to our showroom can give you many good experiences and our staff will be glad to take good care of you during your stay.


We are dedicated to the culture of Turkey and our main business is naturally located in Turkey due to the high demand of quality and quality inspections - but since many years ago we have being doing business in India and Portugal as well and in 2013 we established Lime China, which you can read about by clicking here.  



Responsibility in action